Dr. Andrea Rentea

Dr. Andrea Rentea

Our family practice clinic in Chicago, emphasizing integrative, holistic, homeopathic and natural medicine opened in 1983. Now more than 30 years later we look back with satisfaction on having helped thousands of patients with their health needs. Throughout we have used the gentlest, most holistic and natural medicine approaches that where possible for the treatment of both acute and chronic illnesses, for both adults and children. This was done and is being done in the context of an integrative, holistic approach to medicine called Anthroposophic Medicine.

Dr. Ross Rentea

Dr. Ross Rentea



AM is a very comprehensive form of complementary medicine that takes into consideration and honors the full human being in Body, Soul and Spirit. We are happy that our clinical efforts in combining traditional and conventional techniques as well as breakthrough modalities in anthroposophic and homeopathic medicine approaches have led to relief to so many people. It solidified a local, national and even international reputation. Patients from Chicagoland are often joined by travelers from other States of the Union and from overseas to consult with us on their health problems.

The clinic accepts patients with a variety of medical concerns and offers comprehensive medical evaluations, advanced nutritional testing and especially treatments with new lines of validated anthroposophic/homeopathic remedies, bio identical hormones, injection therapies and more. We assist with life style coaching and teach a new form of movement called Eurythmy.

Dr. Sorina Rentea

Dr. Sorina Rentea 

Our goal is maintaining or recovering your optimal physical health so that you can continue a fulfilled moral and spiritual life that helps others around you.So, again, if you are looking for a “homeopathic”, anthroposophic, integrative doctor in Chicago that practices a truly complementary medicine”, with decades of experience, we are here for you.

We are happy to have added Dr. Sorina Rentea, doctor of chiropractic, to our staff. Her care of the patients has proven to be excellent, compassionate and effective. She is integrating a variety of extremely progressive methods into a truly holistic, body, soul and spirit approach to patient care that yields impressive results.

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